Neighbor discovers unidentified object in backyard causing confusion on the internet

When faced with puzzling discoveries in their lives, people often resort to the internet for explanations. And when conventional online searches yield no results, turning to virtual communities becomes the next logical step.

Such was the case for a woman who woke up to an enigmatic object in her garden, sparking bewilderment. The peculiar item bore resemblance to something out of this world, with its elongated skull and slender torso, accompanied by long, reed-like limbs in the place of typical arms and legs.

Initially considering the possibility of it being a mushroom, the woman quickly dismissed the idea and sought input from her circle of friends. However, their collective confusion led them to seek answers from the vast online community of Reddit.

Venturing into a subreddit dedicated to mushroom experts and enthusiasts, the search proved fruitless as no one could identify the mysterious object. Subsequently, the woman redirected her inquiry to the “Alien Bodies” subreddit in hopes of unraveling the mystery.

Despite their efforts, the community members there offered little clarity, though some proposed their own speculative theories.

One person immediately gave them some cautionary advice, user Ok-Bus-2410 wrote, “wear gloves, dont go skin to skin. Classic xfiles mistake right there.”

Another person with the username, ButIcanollie11, pointed out another curious aspect of the ‘alien’s’ physique: “It has tiny breasts” they wrote.

No-Ability4674 wanted to point out that to them, “That looks like an alien fetus.”

While some people thought that the image might be made with AI, others pointed out that there were details that would make it hard to be an artificial image. The original poster, allthedimmerswitches, also clarified that it was not an AI image.

Then, apparently, someone thought it could be a prop since there is a prop shop near Calgard, UK, that sells props similar to this. A lot of people began to believe that it was a prop after that. However, others were not convinced.

No one could figure out what the object was. Perhaps it will remain a mystery!

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