Never leave a charger in an outlet without your phone: I’ll reveal the 3 main reasons

Some individuals neglect the practice of unplugging chargers from outlets after their electronic devices are fully charged. However, many are unaware of the potential consequences associated with this behavior.

Leaving a charger plugged in, even when the connected device is not actively charging, results in a continuous draw of electricity by a component within the charger. Although the power consumption is minimal, it persists.

Consistently keeping the charger connected to an outlet leads to overheating, accelerating the wear of internal components like capacitors. In the event of a sudden voltage change, the charger may overheat, emit smoke, and, in certain instances, pose a fire hazard.

Ensuring home safety, particularly for households with young children or pets, is crucial. A charger left plugged into an outlet with a connected cord increases the risk of electric shock.

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