Optical illusion reveals if you are too self critical

Optical illusions wield the power to deceive our minds, making us perceive things that aren’t really there or causing us to overlook the obvious. This intriguing characteristic is precisely what contributes to their widespread popularity.

The human mind operates in remarkable and diverse ways, leading individuals to interpret the same stimuli in unique manners. Often, the crux of the matter lies not in determining right from wrong, but rather in how we perceive the world around us. This principle holds true for optical illusions, exemplified by the one featured below, designed to unveil the extent of your self-critical tendencies.

This particular illusion sparked a wave of interest and garnered numerous views after being shared on TikTok by user Mia Yillin (@mia_yillin).

Image Credits: TikTok | @mia_yillin]

So, how self-critical are you?

Within the image, two concealed pictures await discovery. The first depicts a crow perched atop a rock, while the second portrays a face crafted from small rocks artfully stacked upon one another.

Mia elucidated the significance of whether you first noticed the crow or the face.

The Crow: If your attention gravitated towards the crow initially, you may carry a reputation for being judgmental. However, Mia clarifies that this initial impression, while seemingly critical, doesn’t necessarily denote a negative trait. She suggests that you likely find yourself forming strong opinions about others almost involuntarily. Interestingly, your intuition is robust, often proving your suspicions and assumptions to be accurate.

The Face: Conversely, if your gaze fixed upon the face first, you might be prone to excessive self-criticism, using it as a defense mechanism. This tendency stems from a deep-seated fear of being disliked or rejected by those in your social circle. Mia recommends that individuals in this category should actively work to dispel self-critical and self-sabotaging thoughts, allowing them to forge their identity and become the person they aspire to be.

As is customary, denizens of the internet swiftly provided feedback on Mia’s interpretations of the optical illusion, with one person affirming the accuracy of her insights.

But there were also those who disagreed.

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