Parents Astonished by Big Smile on Newborn Baby’s Face

Parents Astonished by Big Smile on Newborn Baby’s Face

Seeing our baby smile for the first time is a special moment that will stay with us forever. It’s a memory that brings warmth to our hearts.

Ayla Summer Mucha is different from most babies. Instead of waiting for a few months, she smiled right after she was born. Her parents were amazed by her big smile and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

When the doctors observed the situation, they understood that something was amiss. The baby had a constant smile on her face, which was a unique condition that made her extremely popular on social media. People from all over the globe are captivated by her delightful smile.

Cristina Vercher and Blaize Mucha from Australia joyfully welcomed their newborn baby on December 30, 2021. The baby was delivered through a C-section, and the doctors had important information to share with the new parents.

Ayla Summer Mucha, their daughter, was born with a condition called bilateral macrostomia, where her mouth did not form correctly.

The facial cleft is a rare deformity where the corners of the mouth do not fuse together during pregnancy. Medical literature has only documented 14 cases of this condition.

The parents were shocked by the big mouth opening since it wasn’t visible on the ultrasounds. The 23-year-old mother mentioned that they became concerned right away upon seeing her for the first time, as she was very small, making the condition clear.

“Blaize and I were not aware of this condition, nor had I ever met someone born with a macrostomia,” said Adelaide’s Vercher. “So it came as a huge shock.”

The doctors were taken aback when they saw the baby with this condition. The mother said, “It made the experience even more distressing because it took hours for a doctor to provide us with an answer. This brought additional challenges as the hospital had limited understanding or assistance for such a rare condition. As a mother, all I could think about was where I made a mistake.”

Luckily, the doctors assured her that there was no other action she could have taken. Despite feeling regretful about her mistake, she was informed by the medical professionals that the outcome would have remained the same even if she had done things differently.

The parents’ greatest support for the little baby was assisting her in coping with the condition. It affected her in multiple ways, such as hindering her ability to latch on and nurse. The doctors advised them to consider surgery.

While the parents were exploring options, a few trolls made negative comments about the photos they posted. Luckily, others quickly came to their defense and praised the baby’s beauty.

The young girl is now two years old and, while it’s not certain, it appears that she might have undergone a procedure to fix the problem.

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