A Couple Of Penguins Are Caught Walking Holding Their ‘Hands’ In South Africa

A couple walking hand in hand on a tropical beach off the coast of South Africa would be no reason for a video to go viral on the internet. What made this video success is that the cuteness in the scene is not performed by two people, but by two adorable and charming penguins. The romantic walk took place at Boulders Beach, or Rochedos Beach, 40km from Cape Town.



The couple in love walk side by side on the sand, until finally they “flip” like two people shaking hands. The two remain standing, as if admiring the sea or each other, until they leave, always together, and the scene closes in.



Being essentially having only one partner throughout their lives, penguins were already true symbols of hope in love – this scene, therefore, came to illustrate that hope with sighs.

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