Photographer Captured Before And After Images Of When People Are Told They Are Beautiful

In our ever-connected world, we find ourselves under constant scrutiny by others. Compliments seem to elude us while critiques abound. Whether it’s within the confines of our educational institutions, our workplaces, or even during chance encounters with strangers on bustling streets, the rarity of genuine smiles contrasts starkly with the prevalence of scrutinizing gazes. Our attire, hairstyles, and appearances become fodder for unsolicited commentary, leaving us in a perpetual state of stress.

In light of this pervasive environment, it becomes evident that many among us bear the weight of daily stressors. Instances of heartfelt compliments and sincere appreciation for our endeavors are few and far between, often evoking smiles that are all too rare. Yet, when we do encounter those exceptional individuals who possess the ability to coax laughter from within us, an enduring sense of gratitude ensues. The significance of complimenting someone should not be underestimated; such gestures possess the power to uplift moods and cultivate a profound sense of well-being.

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The story of 18-year-old Shea Glover adds a poignant layer to this discourse. Hailing from Chicago, Shea, a high-school student, embarked on a unique social experiment aimed at unraveling the emotions evoked by a simple affirmation of beauty. Armed solely with a camera and the statement, “I am capturing images of that which I find beautiful,” she invited individuals to stand before her lens.

The responses that unfolded were nothing short of moving. Reflecting on her endeavor, Glover shared, “My initial intention was to conduct an independent project centered around the concept of beauty. It’s important to clarify that my motive was not to provoke reactions from people; rather, I was merely capturing beauty, and the outcomes speak for themselves.”

In light of this, it becomes imperative to cultivate a practice of bestowing compliments upon others rather than fixating on their perceived flaws and resorting to criticism. After all, none of us relish being subjected to judgment. Ponder how it would feel to be on the receiving end of unwarranted commentary before offering your thoughts on others. Let the transformation that occurred within the subjects of Glover’s simple utterance serve as an inspiring testament to the power of positivity.

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