Photographer Challenges ‘American Beauty’ Standards With 14 Women Of All Shapes

Photographer Carey Fruth, based in San Francisco, embarked on a creative endeavor called “American Beautiful” to redefine the notion of beauty in America. In this captivating series, Fruth captured women with diverse body types, elegantly posing on enchanting flower beds. The inspiration behind this project stemmed from a thought-provoking scene in the 1999 film, also titled “American Beautiful,” in which Kevin Spacey’s character indulges in a fantasy involving his daughter’s friend.

Fruth, sharing her perspective with Huffpost, explained how immersing oneself in a fantasy world of the idealized dream girl can liberate individuals from the anxieties associated with self-doubt. By relinquishing these insecurities, individuals can redirect their energy away from self-criticism and toward other aspects of their lives.

More info: | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: huffpost, demilked)

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