Photographer Snaps Photo of Bird Hitching a Ride on an Osprey’s Stick

Photographer Snaps Photo of Bird Hitching a Ride on an Osprey’s Stick

Jocelyn Anderson is a photographer. He has been photographing birds for over five years now in an attempt at learning and discovering more about them.

One day, she was out and about taking pictures of some Great Blue Heron nestlings. That is when she saw an amazing encounter happening right before her eyes.

A red-winged blackbird was using a stick that an osprey was taking back to its nest as a ride!

Luckily, she was able to capture it on camera.

She uploaded the pictures online, and, unsurprisingly, it went viral.

“The osprey adjusted its course so it was flying towards me and I could see that the osprey was carrying a stick for its nest,” Anderson says to My Modern Met.

“The blackbird continued its chasing, and at one point it looked like the blackbird was going for a ride on the stick. I was surprised that the blackbird followed the osprey halfway across the pond; I like to think the blackbird was enjoying the free ride.”

There is no doubt that Jocelyn Anderson is a talented photographer, and it is photos like this that set her apart, “Bird photography is a challenge, but it’s a wonderful one and a great way to get a glimpse into their world.”

Image Credit & More Info; Jocelyn Anderson/Instagram | facebook |

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