Photographer Snaps Picture of Tiny Bird Bathing in Flower Petal

Photographer Snaps Picture of Tiny Bird Bathing in Flower Petal

Rahul Singh is a wildlife photographer and this time he has managed to capture a truly amazing shot.

He has taken pictures of many wild animals including elephants, deer, jackals, monkeys, and rhinos. This time, he has taken pictures of a tiny bird using a flower petal as a bathtub!

Image Credit & More Info: RahulSinghClicks/Instagram

This is the moment that left him stunned.

“I visited a place where there were bushes of these ornamental bananas to take photos of sunbirds sucking nectar from it.”

“Everything was going as usual when, suddenly, I was shocked that the crimson sunbird started taking a bath in the water stored in the banana flower petal.”

The flower you see here is called the banana flower and it has collected morning dew in a petal, turning itself into a tiny bathtub.

The tiny bird saw the petal tub and decided to make the most of it. It must have been refreshing, dipping in the petal tub! After all, it had just filled up on the nectar.

For Rahul, it was once in a lifetime moment. He had never seen anything like that before. And neither had we!
“I was literally stunned to see this unusual behavior, I kept my camera’s shutter button pressed as the bird took her bath.”

Rahul then posted the photos onto his Instagram. “This was really a once-in-a-lifetime moment,” said Rahul. “It’s amazing how nature can surprise us.”

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