21 Photographers Who Got Very Lucky and Their Photos Speak Louder Than Words

In the current day and age, learning photography is only half the battle. For that one in a million, perfect shot, luck should be on your side. If you’re lucky and you are in the right place at the right time, you’d notice a bird with transparent wings or take a photo of a sailboat at sunset with the perfect lines. If you don’t believe it, these masterpieces will surprise you. We share with you over 20 photos which combine fortuitous circumstances and creativity to get the perfect shot.

“I was lucky enough to take this photo of a sailboat at sunset!”

© Anduin_Rexhearth / Reddit

That is quite the camouflage.

© amy2kim22 / Reddit

It’s too late when you realize that they know everything.

© goodgreat123 / Reddit , © APagz / Reddit

He is the chosen one.

© Visardist 2 / Reddit

The capture by a universal photographer: feed and take pictures.

starbeak / vk.com

“My friend took a panoramic photo and halfway there it started to rain.”

© TheZadok42 / Reddit

“Everything happened too fast, so I can’t tell if it was a fight or if they were hugging.”

© mocosoft / Imgur

What’s more priceless than seeing a professional at work?

© unknown author / Imgur

Even lemurs fine their internal balance.

© starbeak / vk.com

“A double rainbow coming out of a rainbow-coloured truck.”

© DustyOldFarts / Reddit

“A puppy piano!”

© oafcmetty / Reddit

“I’ll just sit there for a while and be right back.”

© U / bforbyron99 / Reddit

Here comes the Boeing.

© vakula1905 / Pikabu

Picture perfect!

© avellent06 / Reddit

Here’s a 5-star taxi ride:

© U / 5 Minute Kitchen / Reddit

This chameleon keeps you entertained all day long.

© julieeea / Reddit

Perfect sunset reflected on a skyscraper, Boston, USA.

© laricaine / Reddit

Let’s play a shadows game.

© dittidot / Reddit

Even birds know that it’s a good angle:

© ashsaupp / Reddit

Is that building flat?

© andreasammysosa / Reddit

When you get two things to be happy about: a perfect photo and that you are far from that place.

© steven_sandner / Reddit


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