20 Photos of the Same Moment Taken Years Apart That Make It Look Like Nothing Changed

It seems that there are places frozen in time. The world is constantly changing and although there are many things that seem totally different just a year or two apart, there are places, things and times that seem destined to be the same throughout existence.

In the following list, you will see 20 images of the same moment but taken several years or even decades apart but they seem to have not changed at all. Keep swiping to discover these impressive photos and tell us which one surprised you the most:

1. The same brand after 20 years.

incarnadinezebra / Reddit

2. The same gloves, four years apart.

Moerdac / Reddit

3. Same brand of camera roll 10 years apart.

RoffaloBufflo / Reddit

4. Pennies over time.

ashleannez / Reddit

5. Fleetwood Mac 40 years apart.

dontcall999forme / Reddit

6. The same brand 30 years apart

alex_plus / Reddit

7. What seven years do to your shoes.

caikaro / Reddit

8. After 2 years they drew the same tree.

Tacosleep / Reddit

9. The same boots three years apart.

alexisperez7 / Reddit

10. Seven years using your favorite knife.


11. This California bridge 2 years apart.

AlwaysSpinClockwise / Reddit

12. Siblings who look identical 7 years apart.

Norgeroff / Reddit

13. Same place, 12 years apart.

RoyMahoy / Reddit

14. Old dog, same mohawk.

daydreambelievererer / Reddit

15. Samy’s hair grew out.

showmeyourjenitals / Reddit

16. The Elizabeth Blvd, Bucharest 80 years apart.

HAXAD2005 / Reddit

17. Remains found by the same woman two years apart.

broodjee / Reddit

18. MLB game balls, 30 years apart.

shotoj / Reddit

19. The same street 115 years apart.

UndeadTourist / Reddit

20. The same whale found after 35 years.

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Do you have similar images? Feel free to share them in the comments! Send this gallery to your friends so they can see that, despite the passage of time, there are things that never change.

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