Planet Fitness Stock Price Plummets Over Transgender Controversy

A debate is intensifying, focusing on Planet Fitness this time. The fitness chain is facing scrutiny following the circulation of a viral video featuring an unhappy member…

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In Alaska, a woman shared a photo of a transgender woman in the women’s locker room at the Fairbank’s branch. She criticized the company for permitting individuals she perceived as ‘men’ in a space she felt should exclusively accommodate cisgender women.

The image depicted a transgender woman shaving at a sink in the locker room. The woman who captured the photo expressed her strong disapproval in a subsequent video. This video gained traction online, igniting a significant controversy.

In response, the local Planet Fitness terminated the membership of the woman who took the photo, while the transgender individual in the picture remained unaffected. Planet Fitness reiterated its policy, stating it permits individuals of specific gender identities to use the locker room of their choice.

However, the company emphasized that members must act in good faith, or risk having their memberships revoked.

Recently, additional photos of the transgender woman in the gym’s locker room have surfaced. Individuals with conservative political views are urging others to terminate their Planet Fitness memberships across the country.

This backlash has had substantial repercussions on Planet Fitness’s financial standing. The company’s stock price has experienced a significant decline, dropping from $66 to approximately $56 in just 12 days.

Furthermore, the company’s market capitalization has decreased by about $400 million, plummeting from $5.3 billion to roughly $4.9 billion in a mere five days!

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