18 Incredible Photos That Show The Incomparable Power Of Nature

Nothing is more amazing than nature. If you think you’ve seen it all, she always finds a way to prove to you that there is so much more to discover. In this list, you will see 18 surprising and curious things that people decided to share with the Internet.

Have you ever witnessed Mother Nature displaying her strength in such a stunning way?

1. Ice Eggs – This rare phenomenon occurs when ice is rolled by wind and water (Northern Finland).

2. A beautiful Harpy Eagle

credits: crg339

3. A quadruple banana.

4. The pattern of this butterfly looks like the painting “The Scream”.

5. The clouds formed a helicopter.

6. A mossy boot.

7. Nature and its mysterious beauty that can make this kind of ‘ornaments’.

8. This split rock appears to show the landscape of a beach.

9. This flower seems to reflect a part of the universe.

10. A real nightmare for those who fear spiders.

11. The roots do not respect limits.

12. The incredible pattern found in this watermelon.

13. A neon-colored cicada.

14. This is without a doubt the largest onion you have ever seen.

15. This is not an egg, it is a giant mushroom.

16. Never doubt the power of nature. Just as it can create, it can also destroy.

17. This road was left like this after being hit by a strong storm.

19. This cat has thumbs!

20. Amazing

Nature has very subtle ways of surprising us, don’t you think? Share this gallery with your friends so everyone knows how much the Earth has to offer.

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