15 Breathtaking Images of Nature That Make Us Feel So Small

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re utterly small and insignificant in front of Mother Nature? There are numerous landscapes, phenomena, scenes and places which have such a strong power over us. No matter when or where, despite everything, Mother Nature and her element children never seize to show us their power. This is exactly why we should respect her and protect her at all costs.

What we are about to show you are just proof of that. What is about to be unravelled is the power of nature, where it has shown itself to be powerful and alive and more than capable of taking back what was hers.

1. Nature shows the power of the elements or a perspective joke?

Credit: Pikabu

2. It’s amazing to know what nature is capable of.

Credit: smallermuse/reddit

3. Optical Illusion or an underwater “waterfall”?

Credit: lochanakalana/reddit

4. What a beautiful spectacle. We can’t help feeling small in front of such majestic spectacles

Credit: Pikabu

5. Nothing can stop Mother Nature’s power

Credit: sacrecoeur1206/reddit

6. The perfect place to reclaim; an entire abandoned castle.

Credit: reddit

7. The power of water can be just summed up in this photo

Credit: reddit

8. Some plants can grow in the most unusual and difficult places.

Credit: ynbeishtkione/reddit

9. This family was prepared for the worst of floods.

Credit: Pikabu

10. In a few more years, there will be no trace of the human touch.

Credit: Sy3Zy3Gy3/reddit

11. This definitely matches the statement “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Credit: Imgur

12. Well, this is a really, really hungry tree… Hope you can digest it.

Credit: Pikabu

13.What a breathtaking phenomenon, from a very privileged position

Credit: Pikabu

14. What an enchantment; looks right out of a fairytale

Credit: DCGMechanics/reddit

15. Yes, that’s actually snow on the other side.

Credit: Xingua92/reddit

In the face of nature, there is actually nothing we can do. The above prove it 100%. Have you ever come across such majestic scenes?

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