Pregnant Dog Trembling in Heavy Rain Rescued by Kind Samaritans with 6 Puppies

Witnessing a vulnerable animal abandoned on the road is undeniably one of the most heart-wrenching scenes imaginable. Sadly, in today’s increasingly indifferent world, it’s common for many to simply drive past without acknowledging such a distressing sight.

However, amidst this prevailing apathy, there exist those shining examples of compassion who are willing to halt their vehicles, regardless of the weather, to aid an innocent creature. Such was the case when these kind-hearted individuals spotted a trembling animal stranded on the roadside during a downpour.

Rather than continue on their way like so many others might, they chose to act. Hastily exiting their vehicle, they rushed to assist. Upon reaching the scene, they found a pitiable, pregnant dog, clearly abandoned and in dire need of help.

Finally Safe

dog in the rainSource: Rescue Mission HT

This poor, pregnant dog was so frozen from the cold and rain that she couldn’t stop shaking. Aside from that, she was very sad and her eyes were full of fatigue. It looked as if she had no more strength – as if she had given up.

Fortunately, these good people came at the right time and were determined to help her and provide a brighter future for her and her children. They didn’t wait a minute but immediately wrapped her in warm blankets, took her in their arms, and brought her to the vet.

As soon as they came to the clinic and the vet saw her, he realized that she was starving. That’s why he immediately fed her with some nutritious milk and she soon felt better.

dog getting cleaned upSource: Rescue Mission HT

However, she still had a high fever because of the long period spent in the heavy rain, so the doctor gave her the necessary medications to reduce it. When they solved that problem as well, they only had to examine her belly.

After an ultrasound examination of her abdomen, the doctor found six puppies inside. He estimated that she would give birth in just about one week, so he gave her rescuers all the instructions on what to do so that both the mom and her babies would be healthy on that day.

As soon as her body temperature dropped, the doctor discharged her, and the rescuers took her home with them.

Her Merriest Moment

dog lying with puppiesSource: Rescue Mission HT

On the way home, these people bought a few necessary items for her. According to the vet’s instructions, they also provided her with a large and cozy bed so that she could have the best conditions when she gave birth to her puppies.

Just like the doctor said, her merriest moment came after one week – she gave birth to her first babies. All her children were born at 3 a.m., and although they were a bit smaller due to a lack of nutrition, they were all healthy.

The saviors were over the moon to see the cute little ones and their mother with a big smile on her face. They were determined to provide them with everything they needed to flourish.

Each puppy was individually fed, but of course, they also provided care for the mother, who bore the biggest burden. Nevertheless, with one act, she demonstrated what true love for children means.

bottle feeding the puppiesSource: Rescue Mission HT

No matter how hungry she was, she would never want to eat until her babies satisfied their hunger. This made her saviors extremely emotional, and one of the family members couldn’t hold back his tears.

Five days later, the health of the six puppies was very good. They ate well and slept even better, and their body weight was finally normal. After two weeks, they opened their little eyes, and their real life could finally begin.

Big Happy Family

photo of puppies sleepingSource: Rescue Mission HT

After they finally saw the light of day, the puppies began to explore relentlessly. They were delighted with everything around them, and when they finally started walking, they mostly enjoyed playing around their mother.

Seeing the puppies’ joy melted their saviors’ hearts, but what made them happy the most was the smile on their mother’s face. She was over the moon, and how could she not be when she was finally able to enjoy special moments with her big, happy family?

One month later, the puppies grew up and became big, handsome dogs. As the summer weather was really hot, their saviors cut their long, thick fur so that they wouldn’t feel the overwhelming heat. In addition to feeling well, their health was perfect, as was their mother’s.

close-up photo of mama dogSource: Rescue Mission HT

Five months later, they overcame all their difficulties and emerged stronger. The children were now adults and as big as their mother. She was proud of them, but she was also happy for being able to finally live her best life. She definitely deserved it.

However, none of this would have happened if it weren’t for the good souls who decided to stop their car on that rainy day. They were the light at the end of the tunnel for this family, and they proved that just a glimmer of sunshine can sometimes overcome even the darkest clouds.

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