Quick-thinking daughter calls 911 pretending to order pizza to save her mother

A young woman from Oregon, Tiffany Urban, found herself in a harrowing situation that no child should ever experience. Witnessing her mother endure abuse at the hands of her violent boyfriend, Tiffany knew she had to act swiftly to avert potential tragedy.

Driven by fear for her mother’s life, Tiffany devised a clever plan and fervently prayed for its success. Seizing the phone, she dialed 911 but disguised her distress by pretending to order a pizza.

The dispatcher, initially puzzled, questioned, “You called 911 to order a pizza?” thinking it was a wrong number.

Persistently, Tiffany clarified, “No, no, no. You’re not understanding…,” proceeding to disclose her address and phone number.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the dispatcher, trained to discern urgent matters, dispatched officers to Tiffany’s location.

Regrettably, by the time the police arrived, Tiffany’s mother had already suffered severe abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, who showed no signs of stopping. However, Tiffany’s quick thinking prevented a potentially tragic outcome.

Law enforcement promptly apprehended the violent boyfriend, ensuring the safety of Tiffany’s mother.

The silver lining in this distressing tale lies in the dispatcher’s specialized training, a resource not universally available to all emergency dispatchers. Many in this crucial role lack adequate training, posing potential risks in critical situations.

It is our hope that the state reevaluates its policies, considering the implementation of comprehensive training programs for all 911 dispatchers.

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