Real Men Do Not Hurt Their Women. They Love Them And Protect Them

Love is never meant to hurt you. No matter what they tell you about how much love hurts, it is never meant to hurt you. It is never meant to make you feel unworthy and priceless.  Yes, it is true that love requires a lot of effort, patience, compromise and, sometimes, even sacrifices.  But, if it feels like you have to bend backward to receive the love that you crave so much, then maybe it is a hint that this love is not reciprocal, that is not unconditional love.

True love is not begging someone for their love. It is not begging someone who has already traveled far without you to stay.  It is not crying yourself to sleep because he has not called you for days. It is not waiting for them to call while it is clear that your calls are ignored.

True love is not sweet suffering.

It is not true love if it makes you question your worth.  I have heard many stories of women whose boyfriends made them question their own worth. And what really saddens me is the fact that many of the women do not realize this.

Men who make women feel this way, who are responsible for all those warm tears, are not worth it. They are not worth your love or your attention.

Because real men do not hurt their women. They love them, deeply, and they take care of them.

And anything lesser than this is not worth it.  The next time you find yourself crying for a man that made you feel bad, please remember that it is just not worth it.

And most importantly, real men are not made up or merely fictitious. They are rare, yes, but they exist.  And they love deeply.

They respect their women. Manipulation and lies are not in their nature. They love and respect their women; they never do anything deliberately to break the heart of the woman they love.

Real men take care of their women. They love deeply and they are not afraid to vocalize just how much they love their women. They openly express what their women mean to them. They never give their women a reason to doubt them.

Real men cherish their women. They support their women. They are considerate about their feelings. And, they are honest about how they feel.

So, please remember that anything less is not worth it. And, a real man will never give you a reason to doubt him.

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