King Penguin Has Been Rescued and Loved Going to the Fish Market That His Family Taught Him How to Purchase Fish on His Own

We all love penguins. They are so adorable… although they are cute and adorable, penguins may not be our first choice as a pet. This being said, back in the ’90s, a Japanese family took a chance and adopted a king penguin. As it was very peculiar to have a penguin as a pet, journalists were lining up to get interviews with the family. Back in the day, a short documentary was made by Real TV, about Lola the penguin living in a small Japanese village.



Meet Lola the penguin. Lola was 10 years old when this documentary was made back in 1996. She lived the most luxurious life, with an air-conditioned room, and she roamed the streets of the village she lived in. One sunny day, when the family went to the market with her, she kept going back. The family decided to give her a backpack and allow her to go fishing in the market. (Scroll down for the video)



What a sight to behold for the villagers. You might wonder how the family got Lola in the first place. As the story goes, she was stuck in a fishing net, and was caught in a fire and injured.



The kind family found her, took her in as one of their own and helped her back to health. Once Lola was fit enough to leave, she didn’t want to do so, as she was too attached to the family that took her in and nurtured her back to health. As the penguin didn’t want to leave, the family decided to keep her and give her a very comfortable life.



Sadly, Lola is no longer with us, but her memory will always remain, and she will be fondly remembered.

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