Respect Your Parents In Their Old Age – Heart Touching Story

In a cozy living room, an elderly man of 80 years sat on the sofa accompanied by his highly educated 45-year-old son. Suddenly, a crow perched on their window, capturing their attention.

Curiously, the father turned to his son and asked, “What is this?” The son promptly replied, “It is a crow.” A few minutes passed, and the father posed the same question once again, “What is this?” Slightly puzzled, the son responded, “Father, I just told you, it’s a crow.” Undeterred, the father asked for the third time, “What is this?”

With a hint of annoyance, the son retorted, “It’s a crow, a crow.” After a brief interval, the father repeated his inquiry for the fourth time, “What is this?”

“Why do you keep asking me the same question over and over? I’ve already told you countless times that ‘IT IS A CROW’! Can’t you understand?” The son’s reply dripped with frustration.

The father retreated to his room and returned with an aged, worn-out diary that he had diligently maintained since his son’s birth. Urging his son to read from it, he opened a page. Reluctantly, the son began reading aloud.

“Today, my little three-year-old son sat with me on the sofa, and a crow landed on the window. My son asked me 23 times what it was, and each time, I lovingly responded that it was a crow. With each inquiry, I embraced him tenderly, never feeling the slightest irritation. Instead, I felt affection for my innocent child.”

The child had asked “What is this?” 23 times, and the father patiently answered without any trace of annoyance. Yet, on this day, when the father asked the same question four times, the son grew irritated and exasperated.

The moral of the story is to speak to our elderly parents with grace, exhibiting coolness, obedience, humility, and kindness. Let us be considerate towards them, never repulsing them or perceiving them as burdens. From today onward, let us proclaim to God, through prayer, “I desire eternal happiness for my parents. They have cared for me since my infancy, showering me with selfless love.”

They traversed mountains and valleys, braving storms and sweltering heat, to mold me into the person I am today. I will wholeheartedly serve my elderly parents, choosing only words of goodness and kindness, regardless of their behavior.

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Here’s a recreated video of this story you must see:

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