Rude diner complains about special needs worker so pizza shop hangs the perfect sign

If you find yourself losing faith in humanity, take heart, for individuals like Amanda still shine brightly, love deeply, and restore what appears to be lost.

Amanda, a remarkable businesswoman and respected community member, is first and foremost a mother to a special child with Down Syndrome. Being intimately aware of the challenges faced by those deemed “different” by society, Amanda is protective and strives to highlight that these individuals fit seamlessly into the broader community, their uniqueness making them special.

Upon learning of an incident at her restaurant where an employee with autism was mistreated by a customer, Amanda couldn’t ignore the matter. Many of her restaurant staff members have disabilities, a deliberate choice by Amanda who recognizes that these individuals may require more time to learn tasks but, once proficient, become unstoppable.

Amanda’s innovative approach involves assigning specific tasks to individuals, allowing each person to take charge of their responsibilities. When a customer demanded a task beyond an employee’s training, frustration ensued. Rather than succumbing to anger, Amanda embraced the idea of a sign warning customers about the presence of disabled employees.

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The sign at the restaurant’s entrance proudly declares, “WE ARE PROUD TO BE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER AND HIRE ALL OF GOD’S CHILDREN.” Amanda sees this as an appreciation for her employees’ dedication and a means of safeguarding their emotional well-being. In response to the rude customer, Amanda declared that if he isn’t comfortable with their inclusive policy, she’s fine with him not returning, emphasizing that such a customer is not worth compromising her principles.

If you appreciate Amanda’s actions and admire her advocacy for her employees, consider sharing her story with your family and friends.

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