Sarge, A 9-Year-Old German Shepherd, Becomes a Loving Mother to Orphaned Fawns

Sarge, the beautiful and loving momma to these sweet fawns, showcases the pure and unconditional love animals can provide. Even in the animal kingdom, once a mother, always a mother!

Despite misconceptions, dogs like Sarge exemplify the loving and caring nature of animals. Sarge, a German Shepherd, demonstrates a gentle and nurturing demeanor, particularly towards orphaned animals.

German Shepherds are known for their loyalty and affectionate nature.

Cheryl Stephan, Sarge’s owner, has a compassionate heart and has adopted numerous orphaned animals over the years. This caring environment has nurtured Sarge’s friendly and nurturing attitude, with a special bond formed with Buckheat, Cheryl’s first orphaned fawn.

The bond between animals caring for each other is truly heartwarming!

Sarge takes on the role of protector for Buckheat, the docile and affectionate fawn. Their companionship is evident, with Sarge assuming the role of a loving mother, ensuring the fawn’s safety from harm.

As Buckheat matures and is released into the wild, Sarge displays signs of sadness at being separated from his adopted son. However, Sarge’s compassionate nature extends to other orphaned animals Cheryl brings home, becoming their caregiver.

German Shepherds like Sarge are not just protective but also show intelligence and compassion towards both humans and animals. Their nurturing instincts are truly remarkable!

Share this heartwarming story of Sarge’s love and care for orphaned fawns with your loved ones!

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