20 School Inventions That Will Make Any Kid Want To Go Back To School

All of us once and today our children, spend a lot of time in school and/or university, making it our second home in many cases. But with these great inventions that you will see below, your students will not only want to make school their second home, but they will surely not want to leave there.

1. This is cooking class and the teacher has a mirror up top so that all the students can see the process

2. They attach the calculators to a wooden plank for the students to return.

3. Lockers are decorated like book spines to get your students interested in reading.

4. This is a secure charging station where students can store their devices while charging the battery

5. A room with a blackboard wall for students to put their ideas on.

6. In this library there are audio sensors that change color as noise gets louder

7. Lockers for student skateboards

8. These stairs are divided according to the needs of the students who use them.

9. These bins have basketball hoops on top for students to play and throw away the trash instead.

10. Very useful baby carriages

11. This is a book vending machine and the tokens are completely free

12. Completely logical that the school fire extinguisher is placed on the spine of the Fahrenheit 451 book

13. An amazingly remodelled hallway

14. The stones on this path were painted as part of school activity and the result was incredible

15. Vending machine for school supplies in case something is missing at the last minute

16. A very original way of teaching mathematics

17. This rug is right outside the math room.

18. Covered books for students to be surprised when they open it

19. This is a school library with comfortable seats to read better.

20. All schools should have these technology tables

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