She refused to pull the plug on her husband, years later he awoke and said two surprising words

When Danielle Davis married the love of her life, she envisioned a future filled with joy. Unfortunately, her happiness was cut short when her husband, only seven months into their marriage, was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him on life support.

Facing grim prospects for her husband’s recovery, Danielle received advice from numerous doctors, all urging her to consider the difficult decision of taking him off life support. Despite medical counsel, Danielle chose to keep her husband, Matt, on life support, clinging to hope and relying on her faith.

“I felt that God could carry him through, and God could handle the situation,” she expressed.

Matt was transferred home under the care of Danielle and her mother-in-law, who ensured his comfort in every possible way. Determined to provide the best for him, Danielle emphasized making Matt’s surroundings as pleasant as they could be.

As time passed and hope waned among those around them, Matt defied the odds and awoke. His ability to open his eyes marked a miraculous turning point, leading to a gradual psychological and physical recovery. Yet, the most surprising moment for his family occurred when Matt, regaining consciousness, expressed his first wish – a “buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s.”

While Matt managed to restore his long-term memory, certain gaps remained, including the inability to recall his wedding day and recent years. Though he faced challenges like the inability to walk, Matt remained determined to improve his condition.

Despite the hardships, Matt’s witty personality endured, and he even shared humorous advice for husbands, urging them to “take out the trash because there might be a day when you can’t.”

Matt’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of prayer and unwavering faith in God.

“Just have faith; nothing is too big for our God,” remarked one person who encountered Matt’s remarkable story. Another added, “With God, anything is possible.”

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