Smart Hummingbird Builds a Roofed Nest to Protect Its Chicks

Hummingbirds build their suspended nests with branches, feathers, and spider web threads that they shape using their tongues and stepping on them. In the incubation process, they are territorially aggressive, avoiding the approach of any other animal to their nest.

The female lays two white eggs a day apart. They hatch for 12 to 16 days, and after hatching, the young are fed nectar for about 14 days.

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At four weeks of age, the young begin to leave the nest and try to find their own food, but they still return at night. At eight weeks, it is when they definitely leave the nest to find a new home.

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Few buildings in nature evoke such a feeling of comfort and warmth as nests. Those little houses built with so much love and care by the birds to raise their babies on top of the trees.

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This expectant mom in particular found a very clever way to make that place even more welcoming. Bianca Caroline Soares, a conservationist from Paraguay, is used to seeing hummingbird nests perched on branches in the jungle near her home. But, last spring, while hiking, he saw one unlike any he had ever seen.

Bianca told, “I saw five hummingbird nests that day, but this was the most ingenious.” There is no doubt that this hummingbird’s house was the best in the place, thanks to its dense roof. The most welcoming home to start a family.

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The weeks passed, and Bianca continued to visit the nest, observing the small family of hummingbirds.

She said: “He had two baby hummingbirds.” On the hottest days, surely those babies benefited from their mother’s home design, which Bianca called ‘Esmeralda’. Later on, their babies grew up healthy and safe enough to leave alone, and surely that design from their childhood home can be used for their future nests.

Bianca hopes this little mom’s ingenious nest preparation will inspire people to take care of the environment.

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