12 Animals So Strange They Seem to Come from Another Planet

The world will never cease to amaze us, as will the species that inhabit it and although we believe that we know each and every one of the animals that exist, there are really millions of species that we surely ignore.

For that reason, in today’s article, we collect 12 of them so that you can expand your knowledge a little more and you can share with us in the comments which of them was your favourite.

1. Thorny devil:

It is a reptile whose scientific name is Moloch horridus and is originally from Australia, inhabits the most desert and hot areas of the region and can measure up to 21 centimetres.

2. Sea cucumber:

It is a marine species belonging to the echinoderms, they generally live in the depths of the oceans and, in addition, they have tentacles in their mouths.

3. Pink grasshopper:

This insect actually does exist and was first seen in the 19th century. Its hue is due to a genetic condition similar to albinism in humans.

4. Green vine:


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It is a very rare species of snake scientifically known as Oxybelis fulgidus, it can measure 2 meters long and 2 centimetres wide, and is usually found in the regions of Central, South and North America.

5. Flying dragon:


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This reptile is located in Southeast Asia and is called “flying” thanks to two membranes located on its legs that allow it to glide. His scientific name is Draco volans.

6. Fulgoridae:


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This insect predominates in Thailand and other parts of the Asian continent, it is characterized by its bright tones and because despite its name: Pyrops candelaria, it does not emit any light but rather something similar to a glow.

7. Golden tortoise beetle:

It belongs to the Chrysomelidae family and can reach 14 millimeters, they are almost the same as ladybugs, only these beetles are golden in color.

8. Lemon bowl:

They are a rare species of moths commonly found in Mongolia, Asia, and Europe. The males are usually green or yellow and the females a lighter color like the one in the image. Its scientific name is Gonepteryx rhamni.

9. Golden macaque:


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It is a primate that inhabits some regions of China and is also known as Golden Snub-nosed Monkey.

10. Duliticola beetle:

They belong to the Lycidae family and are one of the few species of insects that, even in their adulthood, continue to retain their larval shape, measuring between 40 and 80 millimetres.

11. Medusa:

It is common in all oceans and is characterized because, although there are females and males in this species.

12. Leaf insect:

As its name implies, this insect is particularly similar to a leaf that has been bitten, so it is easy for them to camouflage themselves among the rough nature.

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