Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time On People Who Don’t Deserve It

I believe in strong women. I believe in women who are not afraid to stand up on their own feet bravely and hold their head up high.

I believe, as a woman, when you have problems you deal with them by yourself, you don’t show yourself as the victim, you don’t blame it on others, don’t make yourself look pathetic. You step up and you deal with it. You face everything with your head held high and you hold the universe in your heart. – C. Joybell .C

Strong women know precisely that taking care of themselves is very important and they should not always expect someone to show up and save their day. There always won’t be a knight in shining armor in every woman’s life. They’ve been through enough ups and downs, battles and tests and learned the true meaning of independence.

Strong women never knew what it is like to need someone to take care of them because they looked after themselves alone since a very young age. Any strong woman you’d meet in your life have faced at least a few notorious hands and dealt with it in her life. But she rose above them all like the strongest person she is, she won’t let any mistake or shame hold her back.

A strong woman does not search for a partner to urge anything or live off from them. She’s only looking for someone who would add a value to her life. A strong woman would not accept only a one way relationship, she’s willing to receive as much as she gives into it, not more or not less. She doesn’t tolerate toxic relationships or toxic people that persistently try to drag her down. She’s always into practical and inspirational people. If she is stuck in a toxic relationship she would not hesitate to get rid of it and end it on her own terms.

Being alone doesn’t necessarily means that you’d be lonely. It’s always a matter of choice. Other than wasting your time on an unhealthy toxic relationship and spending your days in despair it’s better to be single while being happy. As said above, it’s always your choice. Be your own guide, be positive and build up yourself to be the person you always dreamed of being.

Lord Buddha once said “You yourself, as much anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

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