I Decided to Surprise My Husband at Work Only to Discover He Was on Vacation

With not much to do one day, Julia decided to visit her husband at work and bring him his favorite dish, lasagna. Eager to surprise him, she rushed to his office, only to be told by a coworker that Ben had taken two weeks off.

Julia was confused. How could he be on vacation when he was leaving home every morning and returning late, claiming he had a lot of work?


She asked again if they were certain her husband wasn’t there, and the answer remained the same.

Julia returned home, puzzled about what Ben could be doing when he claimed he was at work.

When Ben got home that evening, Julia decided not to confront him but to follow him the next morning.

After arranging for her mother to take the kids to school, Julia followed Ben in her car. He drove across town and finally stopped in front of her sister’s house. Julia’s heart sank. Could Ben be having an affair with her sister?


She couldn’t believe it. Ben and her sister Kate were close, but why would he go to her place instead of work?

Before jumping to conclusions, Julia observed them from a distance. She saw Ben and Kate sitting at a table with a bunch of papers in front of them.

Not sure what to do, Julia called Carla, the family lawyer who had handled some legal matters for them before. She trusted Carla’s judgment. After Julia explained everything, Carla advised, “Julia, gather some concrete evidence before jumping to conclusions. It’s important to be sure before taking any legal steps.”

Julia knew Carla was right. She returned to Kate’s home and took some photos of Ben and Kate. Judging by their expressions, it was clear they were planning something. But what?


Back in her car, Julia called James, Kate’s husband. Distressed, she told him she suspected Ben and Kate were having an affair. “James, it’s Julia. I need to talk to you about Ben and Kate.”

There was a pause. “Julia, calm down. What’s going on?”

“I think they are having an affair,” Julia blurted out. “What should I do?”

“Julia, don’t be ridiculous. They are not cheating on you. I swear it. What makes you think that?”

“I have my reasons,” she replied. “You’ll see, I’ll prove it!”

Unable to control her anger, Julia returned to Kate’s house and looked through the window. She heard her sister talking to her husband over the phone. “Julia just called me,” James said. “She’s worried sick, thinks you two are having an affair.”

Ben nodded. “So, she is unaware of everything.”


“That’s great!” Kate replied, excitement in her voice.

“Our plan is working,” Ben added.

Julia had enough. She stormed in and confronted Ben and Kate.

“You lying, cheating traitors! How could you do this to me?”

Ben stood up and tried to calm her down, begging her to let him explain. “Explain what? That my husband is cheating on me with my sister?” Julia screamed, unable to control her tears.

“Julia, it’s not what you think,” Ben repeated. “I took a vacation to work on a surprise for you.”

“A surprise? Meeting at Kate’s house every day is a surprise?” Julia said bitterly.

“Yes,” Ben said calmly. “I was planning to make your dream come true. You always talked about owning a coffee shop, right?”

Kate stepped forward, holding a bunch of papers. “Ben has been using his inheritance to buy a coffee shop for you. We’ve been working on the business plan and all the legal paperwork here.”

Julia was speechless. “A coffee shop? For me?”

Ben nodded and explained that he needed Kate and James’ help to put his plan into action. “Look, these are the documents. The lease, the renovation plans, everything. I wanted it to be perfect before I told you. James and Kate are co-investors, so I wanted to make sure they are completely on board.”

Julia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A coffee shop! For her! It had always been her dream to own such a place, and now her husband was making that wish come true.

“Oh my goodness, Ben… I’m so sorry. I thought… I thought you were…”

Ben hugged her tightly. “I know. I should have told you, but I wanted it to be a surprise. I wanted to see your face when I handed you the keys.”

“I’m such an idiot,” Julia sobbed into his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

“Shh, it’s okay. I understand why you felt that way. But Julia, I love you. I would never betray you.”

The following morning, Julia, Ben, Kate, and James signed the final papers. Julia couldn’t believe she finally owned her coffee shop. The smell of freshly brewed coffee reminded her of her husband’s love.

Together, they transformed the coffee shop into a magical place where dreams became reality, and love and trust were the secret ingredients in every recipe.

Looking back, Julia knew she should never have suspected her husband.

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