Swan Mom Carries Babies Under Her Wing For Trip Across The Pond

Mother swan’s Trip across the pond! – Under your wings is a comfy mom!

Look at these adorable pictures taken by Richard Meston. This mother swan is carrying her fluffy babies under her wings. She checked the babies whether all are there and then smoothly packed them in her wings to avoid them falling apart.

Richard said that they were splashing in the water around their mom, and after getting tired; They started to scramble up on their mom’s back. She was not minding at all and gave them a nudge up.

Richard Meston

Before she starts over,  she was looking back to make sure whether all are there like she was warning them to keep in line and slid smoothly and gently. And the babies are like kids in the back of a car saying, “Are we nearly there yet?”

Richard Meston
Richard Meston

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