My teen daughter chose her cheating dad over me & cut all contact, asks me for money years later

After I divorced my cheating husband, my daughter remained with him and refused to see me… Years later, she came back to ask me to pay for her tuition. How should I respond after she ignored me for so many years?

A woman faced a dilemma when her daughter, who had distanced herself from her after a divorce, returned seeking financial assistance for her college tuition. The woman, who sought advice from the Reddit community, grappled with the decision of whether to help her estranged daughter or maintain the conditions she had set in her will.

The woman’s marital troubles began when she discovered her wealthy husband’s infidelity during her pregnancy. Despite forgiving him initially, repeated instances of cheating eventually led to their divorce. Her decision was met with resistance from both families, with her parents urging forgiveness for the sake of their daughter and her in-laws concerned about the family’s reputation.

Unfortunately, the woman lost custody of her daughter due to her ex-husband’s influence, and the young girl grew up believing her mother was not a good person. Years later, facing financial difficulties after her father’s loss of wealth, the daughter approached her mother for help.

Uncertain of her daughter’s intentions, the woman grappled with whether the sudden reconnection was genuine or motivated solely by financial need. Despite a willingness to provide financial assistance, the woman had a stipulation in her will that, if she covered any expenses for her daughter, the latter would forfeit her inheritance rights, with the woman’s goddaughter listed as the primary beneficiary.

When the family learned of this condition, they criticized the woman, accusing her of prioritizing her goddaughter over her biological daughter, who sought a reconnection only during financial hardships.

The situation raises questions about familial relationships, financial assistance, and the complexities of reconciling after a prolonged estrangement. Share your thoughts on this scenario.

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