The Abandoned Black Wolf Cub Raised In A Human Family – Behaves Like A Dog

People keep a diverse range of animals as pets, spanning from common companions like cats and dogs to the more exotic, such as snakes and occasionally, even wolves like our protagonist, Kira. Today’s focus is on the unique journey of Kira, a wolf cub who found an unlikely home.

Kira entered Alida’s life as a tiny black and white wolf cub, abandoned by her mother at just three days old. Alida, acting as her rescuer, took on the responsibility of raising and training Kira, treating her not as a wild creature but akin to a domesticated dog, offering her a second chance at life.

While wolves aren’t domesticated over generations like dogs, Alida invested considerable effort and understanding into training Kira. The young wolf, initially struggling alone, had to acclimate to a world full of new experiences, prompting Alida to dedicate extra effort to her socialization. Kira interacted with people of all ages, encountered various animals, and explored her surroundings.

Through meticulous domestication efforts, Kira transformed from a vulnerable cub into a well-behaved companion. Alida shared, “Kira’s mother faced challenges in living with a family and ended up in a nursery, losing trust in humans. Kira, born in the same nursery, would likely struggle to survive in the wild, having not learned essential survival skills like hunting.”

Alida intervened when Kira was 28 days old, rescuing her from the nursery, hand-feeding her until she gained strength. The socialization process involved exposure to diverse environments, scents, and sounds, challenging Kira’s innate fear of the new. Alida’s dedication paid off as Kira developed a stable and mild psyche, displaying gentleness towards children and an ability to coexist peacefully with other dogs.

Their adventures together were crucial in acclimating Kira to the urban environment, ensuring her comfort and confidence. Alida recounted encounters with curious onlookers, expressing both interest and concern about living with a wolf. On Instagram, where their story gained attention, opinions varied, with some criticizing the decision to keep a predatory animal at home.

For Alida, Kira is no longer distinguishable from a typical domestic dog. Kira now lives happily with Alida’s human family, including a 7-year-old son, Bogdan. Passers-by often question Alida about her experience living with a wolf and inquire about the process of adopting one.

To stay updated on Kira’s adventures, you can follow their Instagram account, she.s.a.wolf, showcasing the majestic wolf through captivating photography.

If you, too, have an unusual and extraordinary pet, share your stories and experiences. Until we cross paths again, may your trails be filled with joy and the companionship of your unique furry friends!

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