The Amethyst Mushroom Is Like an Entire Galaxy On It

The Elaeomyxa Cerifera, or better known as the Amethyst mushrooms, was found back in 1942. The fungi’s fruiting structure splits are open to dismiss the ascospores like a glowing star. These fungi genuinely look like it’s hiding an entire galaxy. These fungi can be seen in rostrum or big logs which are covered with leaf-like hepatics or lichen.

Scientist Sarah Lloyd loves researching and photographing these beautiful mushrooms, and she spends a lot of time doing just that. After finding these around where she lived, this perked her interest and made up her mind to find all similar mushrooms around.

With over 1,700 varieties of fungi in her collection, Lloyd plans to add more types to her collection. These mesmerizing images show that the sparkling on these fungi is exceptionally excessive.

Amethyst mushrooms are covered in beautiful glowing colours like purple, including perfect shades of green and blue.

Although many of us don’t get the chance to see such beauties, if anyone interested wants to see these beautiful fungi, you’ll have to travel to Tasmania to do so.

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