“The Girl on the Basketball Court: A Fate Decided at 21”

“The Girl on the Basketball Court: A Fate Decided at 21”

Tsyan Hongyan, a girl who serves as a true inspiration for many, encourages us to persevere and pursue our dreams. Her story is particularly motivating for individuals with disabilities.

Despite missing both her legs since childhood, she managed to succeed in different areas and become a champion.

Tsyan’s journey began at the age of 4. A tragic car accident took away both of her legs. Unfortunately, her family couldn’t afford prosthetic legs, so she had to adapt to her new life.

Initially, the girl’s parents held her in their hands, but then her grandfather devised a unique way for her to get around. He sliced a basketball in half and placed Tsyan inside. He also provided her with sticks to assist her in moving.

Her family filmed a video of the child moving in a unique manner, which went viral on social media. Since then, Tsyan Hongyan has become known globally as “the basketball girl”.


The little girl’s determination surprised everyone. She managed to go to school on her own using her “way of transportation”. However, it took Tsyan about an hour instead of just 7 minutes.

At the age of eight, the government of the country provided assistance to the girl by creating artificial legs for her. As a result, Tsyan took her first steps with the help of these artificial legs.

In addition, the girl’s goal was successfully accomplished with the assistance of this. It is worth mentioning that she had a strong passion for swimming, and with the aid of her new prosthetic legs, she was finally able to fully immerse herself in it. Furthermore, Tsyan had a desire to participate in the Paralympic games, but she faced difficulties in being accepted for a considerable period of time. However, her wish was granted in the year 2016.

She is now a renowned swimming champion, with numerous medals and global recognition. Her story serves as an inspiration for those on the verge of giving up. If she could find the strength to persevere and succeed, so can you.

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