The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

The story goes that if two people are meant to be together, an invisible thread will tie them, and they will eventually find each other. This thread is unbreakable, and stories about it are fascinating. Here are some interesting facts about the legendary “red thread.”

1.The Color Red

Although the thread is invisible, it is said to be red, the color of passion and desire. The red string represents the unbreakable bond and passion between two people who are destined to be together.

2.Originated in East Asia

The belief in the red thread originated in East Asia, where it was believed that God ties a red string around the ankles of people who are destined to be together.

3.Similar to Western Concept of Soulmates

This belief is similar to the Western concept of soulmates or twin flames, except in the East, lovers are believed to be bound to each other.

4.The Story Behind the Belief

The story behind the belief is fascinating. One night, a little boy was walking home when he saw an old man reading a book. The boy asked what he was reading, and the old man replied that he was reading the book of marriages and looking for the next couple to tie their ankles. He told the boy that he was destined to marry one girl, but the boy thought the old man was crazy.

5.The Trouble

The boy didn’t believe the old man and was angry at the idea of marrying the girl he showed him. When she was alone, he threw a stone at her and ran away.

6.The Scar

Years later, the boy was arranged to marry a beautiful girl in his village. That night, when he unveiled her, he noticed a small scar over her eyebrows. He asked her what happened, and she told him that when she was young, a boy had thrown a stone at her. The boy realized that she was the one meant for him, as the old man had said.

7.The Thread Stretches and Tangles

No matter how many obstacles come their way, everything will eventually fall into place.

8.Takes Work

However, finding the destined one doesn’t mean everything will be okay. Maintaining a relationship still requires effort and commitment.


Even if they are thousands of miles apart, something will happen to bring them together.

10.In Us All Along

Lovers are in each other all along, according to the poet Rumi.

11.Chinese Legend

The god in charge of the “red string of fate” is Yue Xia Lao, the old lunar matchmaker god who is also in charge of marriages.

12.Pinky Promise

In Japan, people believe that the red string is tied around their pinky finger. The phrase “pinky swear” signifies that the person who breaks their promise will have to cut off their pinky finger.

13.Not Just Lovers

The red thread connects everyone, not just lovers. It emanates from us from the day we are born, and if someone’s life is destined to intertwine with ours, something will happen to bring us together.


The belief in the red thread is freeing. We can fling ourselves out into the unknown, knowing that the red thread will wind its way into the future and lead us to the people we are meant to meet.


The red thread is believed to be unbreakable, and even though it may become tangled, it will never break away.

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