The Pink Robin: A Tiny Bird Resembling a Fluffy Pink Ball

The Pink Robin: A Tiny Bird Resembling a Fluffy Pink Ball

Nature can sometimes be a form of a pleasant disguise that surprises us in the most unexpected ways.

The Pink Robin is a small tubby bird and is quite hard to spot since they are usually quieter than other robins. Males are brownish-black in the upper body, with a black throat and head. While there is a small white spot above the bill, which is called a buff spot on females. Males have an unusual pink wash on their chest area which extends towards their underbelly. In fact, females are a warm olive-brown in color featuring a pinkish tint.

Pink Robins are endemic to south-eastern Australia and In the breeding season, Pink Robins are spotted alone or in pairs in dense shrub layers of damp and wet forests or rainforests. In winter, they are mostly found in more disclosed and drier habitats.

This article exposes the unlikely and stunning authenticity of the pink robin. Some might say that these birds are only fictional yet they are more than real by appearance. These robins are not only found within certain countries but even on islands, significantly in wetter areas such as Tasmanian islands and King and Flinders Islands.

The main reason they stay in damp areas is due to a favorable place for nesting. It is remarkably hard to capture these birds on a camera.

Image Credit & More Info; Ambika Angela Bone/instagram |

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