The Vampire Parrots – The Most Haunting Birds of Darkness

The Vampire Parrots – The Most Haunting Birds of Darkness

Have you heard of Pesquet’s parrot, which is also known as the Dracula parrot? Well, this bird is not your regular parrot. In fact, it is not green and does not look colorful and bright at all.

Dracula parrots are mainly black. They are short-tailed and stretch to nearly 50 cm in length. Their weight is around 680–800 g. They can easily be recognized because of their black and grey chests, pitch-black beaks, and strokes of bright red feathers. And how do you distinguish a male Dracula parrot from a female Dracula parrot? Well, the only difference between females and males is that males have red patches behind their ears.

The Dracula parrots can only be found in New Guinea. It is unfortunate that these magnificent birds have become a target for local poachers. And to make things even worse, they are encountering a rapid loss of habitats too. Both these reasons have put the Pesquet’s parrots’ population at dangerously low numbers. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species evaluated Dracula parrots as Vulnerable.

More info:

#1. They are magnificent creatures. (Mike Peel)

#2. This is what they look like in flight. (Charles Davies)

#3. Look at their red feathers! (Greg Hume)

#4. Here are a couple of them. (Rudiger Stehn)

#5. Looks like they are in love. (Flickr)

#6. Such bright colors. (Flickr)

#7. Wish I could pet one. (Jean)

#8. In love with their feathers. (Linda De Volder)

Here is a video showing how they look like.

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