They referred to her as ‘the most unattractive bride in the world’.

They referred to her as ‘the most unattractive bride in the world’.

Different people have different opinions when it comes to matters of taste. This saying is true because what one person finds beautiful, another person may find unattractive.

After a Russian couple posted pictures of their wedding on social media, they were surprised to see the photos become viral. Many people found the bride’s appearance amusing, as she was larger than the groom. The couple received a lot of negative comments and became the subject of ridicule online.

Only a handful of individuals who were close to the couple offered their congratulations and supported them. Numerous hurtful remarks were made, with some suggesting that the groom only married the woman for her wealth, which was completely untrue.

This regrettable incident occurred approximately six years ago, yet the photos continue to be shared occasionally and the comments remain just as cruel as when they were initially posted on social media.

The couple’s viral photo caught the attention of a reporter who decided to investigate their current status. Surprisingly, the couple is still deeply in love just like when they first met. However, what astonished the reporter was the remarkable transformation the woman underwent since her photo went viral and she was labeled as “the ugliest bride in the world.”

Today, it’s difficult to recognize her as the woman who was made fun of online for her appearance. She looks completely different now.

She not only lost a lot of weight, but also switched up her hairstyle and clothing style.

Version 1: Few individuals can claim to have experienced such a significant transformation in their lives. I suppose not many. It genuinely requires an immense level of dedication to accomplish something of that nature.

No one truly understands what caused the desire for change. Upon viewing the recent pictures, numerous individuals assert that it was the influence of social media that compelled the woman to lose weight, despite her husband’s unconditional love for her.

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