23 Things Only People Born Before 2000 Will Truly Understand

All of us who were born before the year 2000 had a truly unforgettable childhood and adolescence and that every time we remember we are filled with nostalgia, school supplies or CDs are just some of the special things that we could enjoy.

Next, a journey through memories with memories in this wonderful time before 2000.

1. A golden age thanks to compact discs (CDs).

whiskeyriff / instagram

2. In the 90s, this was Netflix.

90smadness / instagram

3. This was movie time at school.

theratchetvine / twitter

4. The golds had this iTunes.

The World Famous KROQ / facebook

5. At this time, that’s how it happened when we didn’t know which style to use.

TodayKidsWont / twitter

6. This computer game had great complexity.

TodayKidsWont / twitter

7. The problem of losing any of these pieces.

TodayKidsWont / twitter

8. The PlayStation 1.

TheClever1ELSD / imgur

9. Before the Game Boy existed.

TheClever1ELSD / imgur

10. Television with integrated VCR.

daleord / twitter

11. The real problem with the internet.

12. The best screen savers.

13. These were the video instructions for Windows 95.

canismajorrr / imgur

14. This is how we spent our days in class.

TodayKidsWont / twitter

15. Cute pencils with troll tips.

canismajorrr / imgur

16. The well-known and very famous paper frogs.

canismajorrr / imgur

17. The slides on the playground gave you two options: burn yourself or electrocute yourself.

throwbackmachine / instagram

18. This is how we blocked someone.

djfokusmwe / instagram

19. A smartwatch in the 80s.

DolphuRaymondWasAPimp / imgur

20. A collection of stickers.

DolphuRaymondWasAPimp / imgur

21. The beginning of the destroyed jeans.

connivingly / imgur

22. The keyboards were light gray.

23. When we were trying to gain some experience in retail:

throwbackmachine / instagram

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