This Is Why You Should Not Charge Your Phone Next To Your Head

Multiple research studies have conclusively shown that electromagnetic fields (EMF) from devices like cell phones and Wi-Fi have noticeable impacts on various bodily systems.

These investigations reveal that radio frequency EMF can trigger alterations within the central nervous system, leading to cell death and the generation of oxidative stress.

Crucially, these technologies have not undergone comprehensive safety evaluations, particularly concerning their usage in close proximity to the head.

It’s strongly advised against charging or using your phone near your head, especially during sleep. Sleep is a critical period for the body’s restoration and healing, which can be disrupted by non-native EMF, impeding this essential process.

Despite the known risks, many individuals still overlook the harmful effects of EMF exposure. Recent demonstrations have illustrated how using a charger or holding a cell phone close to the head can adversely affect the body’s voltage (ideally maintained at 0.0) and register high radio frequency readings on a multimeter.

Opting for an adapter linked to Ethernet, charging the phone via a power bank, and utilizing airplane mode are suggested measures. However, the best practice would be to avoid bringing your phone into the bedroom altogether.

Credit to @gabrielbliss for explaining it so well!

Source: @millionaire.dream

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