This Teen With Special Needs Tells His Mom “I did it. I graduate” At Mom’s Grave

Every child’s dream is to graduate from high school or college and celebrate it with their parents who are proud of them and all the hard work they put in. However, there was one student who was not able to share this precious moment with their parents. Although he wasn’t able to get a hug from his parents, he did something much more precious to remember this momentous occasion.

This talented young and innocent boy from the U.S. achieved his target and graduated from school without any guidance, love, and care from his parents, as he lost his mother back in 2010. Wanting to celebrate this occasion with his mother, he dressed up well and visited her grave with a bouquet of lovely flowers. At her grave, he tells his mother, “I did it, I graduated today and I know you’d be so proud of me and so happy and I love you so much.”

Silently walking up to her gravestone, the young boy keeps the bouquet and leaves a kiss as well. After putting in a lot of hard work, the young boy finally graduates, and he shares this great moment with his mother in spirit. Although it is a very sad moment for him, he knows that his mother is watching over him and giving him strength in everything he does.

One of the great lessons he teaches us is that whatever the difficulties life throws at us at any given time, we should strive towards our target. He has brought true honor to his mother by graduating high school, and he knows deep down that his mother is watching and being truly happy for his success.

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