Unlocking the Mystery of the Small Hole at the Bottom of a Padlock

A padlock is a common tool used to secure various items such as bikes, outdoor sheds, toolboxes, and gates. These locks are built to withstand different weather conditions and attempts at tampering. Despite their sturdy construction, padlocks have a hidden feature – a small hole at the bottom that serves a crucial function.

This feature plays a vital role in ensuring the longevity of the padlock. Made of metal, padlocks are prone to rusting when exposed to water and severe weather. The tiny hole at the bottom allows any trapped water to escape, preventing rust formation and ultimately extending the lifespan of the padlock.

Alternative to the Padlock Hole

Image Credit: Master Lock

While the padlock’s tiny hole feature was once revolutionary, weatherproof padlocks are also on the market. This design ensures a padlock will continuously ensure your belongings are safe all year round.

Another Reason for the Padlock Design

In addition to safety from rusting, the tiny hole on the bottom of a padlock fulfills another important role. Sometimes, the padlock may become stuck or unable to open, even with a key or correct code. As such, the hole can be lubricated synthetically to help the padlock pop open.

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Other Everyday Things With ‘Hidden Features’

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Padlocks aren’t the only thing that has been designed with secret or hidden features. Here are a few other handy items that serve multiple purposes.

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