Video Of A Bird Carrying A Large Fish Goes Viral

A sensational video featuring a bird hoisting a “shark” high above the ocean has rapidly become a viral sensation across various social media platforms, evoking memories of the infamous “Sharknado.” This bizarre occurrence, reminiscent of a scene straight out of the cult Sharknado series, has sparked speculation about whether it will be the next unexpected event in 2020.

The extraordinary event unfolded before the eyes of beachgoers in South Carolina on a Thursday. A bird, resembling an eagle, soared above the sea, gripping a massive fish that strikingly resembled a shark. The awe-inspiring footage was skillfully captured by Ashley White, a Tennessee native, from the vantage point of the 17th floor of a building. The jaw-dropping video was subsequently shared on the Twitter account named Tracking Sharks. In the recording, the bird, resembling an eagle, triumphantly carries its sizable prey, while the fish wriggles and endeavors to break free from the bird’s firm grasp.

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Speculation ran rampant among onlookers regarding the identity of the captured creature, with many initially guessing it to be a small shark. However, upon closer examination, the prey was identified as a substantial Spanish mackerel. The bird, as it turns out, was a sea hawk, commonly known as an osprey. Ospreys are adept at catching fish, and Spanish mackerels are frequently found in the waters of South Carolina.

Ed Piotrowski, the chief meteorologist at WDPE, humorously shared the extraordinary footage on Facebook, noting the confusion among social media users regarding the identities of the two creatures. Responding to Tracking Sharks’ call for guesses, people offered a myriad of wild speculations throughout the week.

The peculiar spectacle drew comparisons to the fictional Sharknado, prompting even the SYFY channel to join in the amusement by tweeting, “We always knew this day would come. #Sharknado.”

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