Hilarious Moment When Sightseers Look the Wrong Way, a Sneaky Whale Appears Behind Them

A Team of whale sightseers, unfortunately, missed out on the moment of a lifetime when a sneaky whale pops up right behind their boat while they were not looking at that side.
They were all waiting to see the whales by facing the other way and being ready with their cameras for a whale sighting and nearly missed the unbelievable encounter right behind them so badly.


© Eric J Smith

But fortunately, someone in that team has turned around and been so lucky to spot the huge whale within a few feet away from the boat, before it disappeared.


© Eric J Smith

You can see their victory after being able to capture the amazing encounter and that looks priceless.


© Eric J Smith


© Eric J Smith

These photographs were taken from a nearby boat and show the magnificent event that was taking place.


© Eric J Smith


© Eric J Smith

Eric J Smith, who was in the boat behind, captured the photographs of the near-miss. The 49-year-old photographer from Los Angeles stated of the encounter:“She slowly and so silently pops her head high above the water to look around. I was in another panga a few dozen feet away and caught the moment right before everyone realized she was so close. And when everyone turned around to see her, she quickly sank below the surface. Cheering and hysterical laughter ensued.


© Eric J Smith

Whale photography needs a lot of luck to capture in on time. A whale photographer should always be on alert and ready as like a hawk it pursuing its prey. It is not so difficult to get complacent on a whale-watching voyage. Because there is a lot of waiting. It totally looks like the moment when you let your guard down a spectacular breach occurs.

What a priceless once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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