Why you should put 2 bay leaves under your pillow before going to bed

Bay leaf, also known as laurel, is a staple in many savory dishes, imparting a light, herbal flavor to soups and meat-based recipes. Whether in powder form, as a fresh leaf, or most commonly as a dry, whole leaf, bay leaves are added during cooking and removed before serving.

Beyond enhancing the taste of dishes, bay leaf offers diverse health benefits. It is credited with reducing gas and bloating, combating free radical damage through its antioxidants, and anecdotal evidence suggests it may alleviate issues like dandruff, muscle and joint pain, and skin infections.

In ancient Greece, bay leaf held significance in spiritual ceremonies, particularly in the hands of oracles predicting the future. The Greeks valued its therapeutic properties and regarded it as symbols of valor and victory. According to mythology, the god Apollo transformed the nymph Daphne into a bay laurel tree, establishing a mystical connection between divinity and bay leaves.

The act of burning bay leaf is believed to release smoke with health benefits, including anxiety reduction. Linalool, a compound present in bay leaf, mint, and lavender, contributes to this calming effect without inducing sleep, maintaining mental alertness.

Despite lacking scientific backing, there are persistent beliefs in the mystical powers of bay leaf, such as attracting money and foreseeing the future.

An often-overlooked benefit of bay leaf is its potential to improve sleep and address insomnia. Placing a couple of bay leaves under the pillow is suggested to ease anxiety and stress, facilitating deeper and more restful sleep. This practice is also believed to shield against negative energy and nightmares, ensuring a morning awakening filled with renewed energy.

Feel free to share these insights with your family and friends for their enjoyment and well-being.

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