Woman Spots Furry Clumps In The Road And Knew What To Do

One day, Natalie Therese and her partner were returning home after staying at a bed-and-breakfast near the Columbia River in Washington. Unexpectedly, their attention was drawn to a large mass of fur lying in the middle of the road.


Therese had an instinctive feeling that they needed to stop and investigate. Her partner, on the other hand, dismissed it as nothing more than a clump of dirt or debris. However, they soon discovered that it was far from ordinary. As they cautiously approached, they realized the identity of the stranded creatures—three baby otters.

Recalling a fleeting glimpse of the otters’ mother fleeing from an oncoming vehicle, Therese understood the dire situation. The helpless infants were too young to comprehend the danger and had remained motionless, abandoned and vulnerable. Their frightened mother anxiously observed them from the safety of the nearby woods.


Determined to assist the stranded otters, Therese sprang into action. With gentle gestures, she guided the trembling babies in the appropriate direction. “I carefully coaxed them off the road,” Therese recounted. Gradually, she steered them toward their watchful mother, who stood ready to ensure each one found its way.

Having accomplished her mission, Therese stood back by the car and patiently observed. She waited until the mother emerged from the woods, and to her delight, witnessed all three babies scampering away from the road, united with their vigilant parent. Only after a few additional minutes had passed, ensuring their safety, did she finally depart.


Overwhelmed by the profound experience, Therese found herself moved to tears. “Nature and its creatures are truly awe-inspiring,” she whispered, touched by the inherent beauty of the encounter.

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