Woman’s RSVP To Her Niece’s Wedding Has Gone Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Planning a wedding involves numerous considerations for both brides and grooms. From setting a date to selecting a venue, choosing invitations, and shopping for various necessities, the to-do list is extensive.

Among the initial significant choices is the selection of the wedding venue. Aside from considering factors such as price, size, location, availability, and personal preferences, couples must also assess the venue’s capacity in relation to their guest list.

An interesting wedding anecdote has garnered attention, particularly involving an RSVP card. This incident transpired two years ago, during the peak of the Covid pandemic, before the availability of a vaccine. The bride had to limit the guest list due to Covid concerns. She even informed her uncle, Uncle Dave, that he wouldn’t be invited due to health reasons. Despite the explanation, he understood.

However, a similar approach was not taken with Aunt Edith, whose health was reportedly fine. The bride sent her an invitation but did not extend a plus one due to Covid restrictions, excluding her long-time boyfriend, Danny.

Source: reddit/Weddingsunder10k

Instead of a simple “yes” or “no,” Aunt Edith expressed her displeasure on the RSVP card, writing notes like “Most Rude! + Hurtful!” and “You shouldn’t have sent one at all!” Furthermore, she took the liberty to add ” + Uncle Danny” after her own name.

The bride shared this incident on Reddit, where many felt Aunt Edith’s response was inappropriate. One commenter emphasized the bride’s right to invite whomever she wished, attributing Aunt Edith’s reaction to potential jealousy. The bride’s maid of honor chimed in, revealing that Danny had played a negligible role in their lives, and guests were informed beforehand about reduced numbers due to Covid restrictions.

The question remains: Did Aunt Edith overreact?

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