Woman’s Sister Invited Her To A Fancy Restaurant, Then Her Sister Left The Woman To Pay The Bill

A woman recounted an unsettling incident on the r/AITA subreddit, revealing that her sister had invited her to a high-end restaurant in the town she had recently moved to. The woman expressed her excitement about spending more time with her sister and her boyfriend, especially in the upscale downtown center that featured various amenities, including the expensive restaurant in question.

Despite warning her sister about the restaurant’s lavish prices and suggesting alternative dining options, the sister insisted on going to the upscale establishment. The dinner went well until the end when the sister and her boyfriend vanished without a trace. The woman received a text from her sister expressing gratitude for the delightful dinner but revealing that they had left the restaurant.

Feeling shocked and deceived, the woman promptly messaged her sister, threatening to disclose her information to the restaurant if she didn’t return within 30 minutes. When her sister failed to respond or return, the woman followed through on her threat. She settled her portion of the bill, provided her sister’s details to the manager for their share, and left the restaurant.

The following day, the sister contacted the woman, distressed by calls from the restaurant threatening police involvement. The woman reminded her sister that she had explicitly warned her about the restaurant’s expenses and asserted that she wouldn’t cover the entire $450 tab. She emphasized that her sister had initiated the outing and insisted on the chosen restaurant.

Despite the sister’s plea for financial assistance and her family pressuring the woman to pay the bill, the woman stood her ground, refusing to cover the entire cost. She advised her sister to resolve the matter by settling the bill at the restaurant to avoid legal consequences.

In conclusion, the woman questioned whether she would be considered in the wrong if she allowed the restaurant to involve the police, stating her firm decision not to pay for anything in the future.

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