17 People Who Found Things That Are One In A Million

Wonderful things happen at every moment in the world, technology has led us to have a record of unique images of our daily lives that we cannot appreciate all the time.

Fortunately, there are people who share some of those incredible things with us which they bumped into each other at some point and were surprised.  They are a reminder of how wonderful this planet is, take a look below and enjoy the daily compilation of curious images that are definitely not seen every day:

#1 My cat has a perfect circle and square mark on his ear.

#2 A Christmas card sent by the White House under the Obama administration that my father keeps.

#3 A giant lemon that our lemon tree gave.

#4 This live snake I found while walking through a thrift store.

#5 I purchased this book from my local library in the 1920s, and it kept pages glued unopened which means no one ever read it.

#6 The electrician who did the new electrical outlet installation left all the screws in a vertical position.

#7 I am from the Netherlands and we have egg vending machines.

#8 The difference between my skin color and that of my twin brother, he goes out to the beach every day, I don’t.

#9 This free dishwasher in my neighborhood with a very honest sign: “works well, not great, but not bad”

#10 This huge climbing wall in the city of Copenhagen.

#11 This is how chickens are transported at the airport where I work.

#12 The left side of my head is strange. I have a slightly deformed ear and a kind of “third eyebrow”, a small lock of hair that grows back faster than normal when I cut my hair.

#13 The seat controls in this old Mercedes Benz.

#14 I went to see a volcano that is only a couple of kilometers from my house, this volcano has been erupting for the last few months in Iceland.

#15 I saw this earthworm with two tails.

#16 The inside of this tree looks like a fish.

#17 The magnetic pieces of my phone separated the fragments of iron mixed in the sand of a Tahoe beach.


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