You Fall In Love With Only Three People In Your Lifetime

One of the best feelings you will ever have is being loved by the same person throughout your life. It is not everyone who finds their forever love from the first relationship. So for the past how many centuries or so, philosophers and mystics have believed, that many of us fall in love with 3 different people throughout our life:

  1. The one shows our stupidity
  2. The one breaks and makes us
  3. The one without a reason

1. The First Love

Based on our fairy tales love stories, these happen at a very young age where we believe he is “the one”. The first love is usually very romantic and dramatic, so we try our best to keep is for as long as possible, and in this naïve age, we tend to think that this is ‘true love.’

2. The Second Love

By the time we find our second love, we are matured, and this love forces us to understand ourselves, where we are going to end and what kind of partners we are looking for. This is a time where most relationships break and we have to accept lies, deception, manipulations, pain and anger. We start to hate love and don’t want to have anything to do with affairs. This is the stage where you have heartbreaks and tears, and ultimately, you find strength and energy. These relationships help you to understand the kind of partner you are looking for to spend your life with.

3. Final Love

By the time when it’s time to find your final love, you come to understand that fairy tales are only in Disney movies. You have suffered too much heartache and pain, and have vowed that you would never love again. However, there will come a time when someone unexpectedly walks into your life, someone who is more supportive and understanding than the previous relationships you’ve had. You will now think about the real future, and building your lives together. As this final love and bond is so strong the two of you, you tend to neglect the imperfections of the other person. That being said, the time each of us finds our one true love is different. Someone might find it at a young age. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find it. It’s just not your time. You will find your true love when it’s your time. So be patient, you will find your forever love at any time.

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