Everything You Need To Know About Succulents

In today’s day and age, succulents are a real success. Its sheer diversity has captivated the hearts of many around the world, and the use these to decorate their gardens and homes. Let’s talk about what succulents are, and clear out some things about them.

Succulents are plants, with over 22,000 species catalogued worldwide. One of the main characteristics of these plants is that like other plants, they have roots, but the stems and leaves thicken, which allows retaining larger quantities of water. Therefore, this makes them low maintenance plants.

Dealing with Succulents

Although these plants look fragile, they are very sturdy and resistant, and they reproduce quite easily as well. If you’re into getting some succulents, then read through, we’ll explain how to plant them.

There are several different ways to plant succulents and in various different containers nonetheless. Although they can be planted alone, they can also be planted together with others as well. However, if they are being planted with other succulents, it has to be done within the same species. Even though these plants are hardy, they do need some care in order to be beautiful and strong and to reproduce easily.

Caring for your succulents

Succulents can grow anywhere, indoors as well as outdoors. As these plants produce quickly, you need to be careful and check whether the location needs to be changed or leaves need to be removed.

Succulents need just the right amount of light. Like any plant, succulents look for the light. If it doesn’t get enough light, it grows in search of it. If you see succulents growing vertically, simply change the location it placed in. if you notice it looking a little pale, put it in a place where it’s brighter.

To have beautiful and healthy plants, one should take care when planting them. When planting succulents, the soil should be prepared in a 1:1 ratio of sand and substrate. For example, for one glass of substrate, you should use a glass of sand, which makes the mixture looser and drier.

Watering Succulents

As succulents are similar to cacti, it doesn’t require much water for survival; therefore, watering these plants every day is not required. As they collect water in their leaves and stems, the number of times required to water these pretty plants vary from species to species, and most succulents only require infrequent watering.

It’s recommended that succulents be watered every week during summer, and every 15 days during winter. The container in which the plant is in should have proper drainage so that it does not collect too much water at the bottom, as excess moisture and water can cause leaves and roots to rot. These plants should be watered only by adding water to the soil.

Breeding succulents at home

It is such an easy and simple process to reproduce succulents. You simply have to leave the leave of the succulents on the ground, without burying. Although a long and beautiful process, the leaves will sprout and reproduce, like magic. As there is a high demand for succulents, and as it is very easy to grow and has low maintenance, one can easily make an income by selling succulents.

Creative Ideas to Plant your Succulents

Like we said before, succulents don’t need to be planted in pots. Let your imagination run free, and use different types of containers to grow your succulents. Here are some ideas to grow your own.

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